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Custom Built Hydraulic Power Units, Lancaster PA  
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  P2 Series


  • Compact
  • Low noise level
  • Service friendly
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • High self-priming speed

  •   PAVC Series
  • High Strength Cast-Iron Housing
  • Built-In Supercharger
  • High Speed Capability - 3000 RPM (2600 RPM PAVC100)
  • Sealed Shaft Bearing
  • Two Piece Design For Ease of Service
  • Cartridge Type Controls - Field Changeable
  • Replaceable Bronze Clad Port Plate
  • Airbleed Standard for Quick Priming
  • Hydrodynamic Cylinder Barrel Bearing
  • Thru-Shaft (PAVC100 Only)
  • Full Pressure Rating On Water Glycol Fluids
  • Pump Case and Shaft Seal - See Inlet Pressure Only
  • Filter and/or Cool Drain Line (100 PSI Max.)

  • Pressure Compensated
  • Load Sensing
  • Horsepower (Torque) Limiting
  • Horsepower and Load Sensing
  • Remote Pressure Compensated
  • Adjustable Maximum Volume Stop
  • Electrohydraulic Pressure
  • Electrohydraulic Flow & Pressure (Servo Control)
  • Low Pressure Standby

  •   PE Series
    The newly developed "PE" series variable volume piston pump is intended for Industrial medium duty applications.

    The PE pump has the design feature of a precompression volume chamber for reduced pressure ripple. (Available on side ported versions only) Reducing the pressure ripple in piston pump design reduces the overall system noise. The PE pump is also very stable and responds quickly to system demands.

    The PE pump series is currently available in three frame sizes: 60, 75 and 145 cc/rev and feature control options that are suitable for many different industrial applications. A 105 cc/rev is currently under development.

    Some benefits of the PE product are:
  • Compact-small envelope size
  • Reduced pressure ripple-less noise
  • Service friendly
  • Short response times
  • Reliable
  • Long service life
  • Flexible modular design
  • Easy to install
  • High selfpriming speed

  •   P1 Series


    • variable displacement, axial piston pump for opencircuit applications
    • medium pressure, continuous operation at pressures up to 280 bar
    • high drive speed models for mobile markets
    • quiet and efficient control capability


    • compact overall package size
    • quiet operation
    • low flow ripple to further reduce noise
    • elastomer seals that eliminate gaskets and external leakage
    • high operating efficiency for lower power consumption and reduced heat generation
    • simple hydraulic controls with “no-leak” adjustments
    • SAE and ISO standard mounting flanges and ports
    • long life, tapered-roller shaft bearings
    • long life, low friction, hydrostatically balanced cam bearings
    • full power through-drive capability
    • end or side inlet and outlet ports
    • case drain ports for horizontal or vertical, shaft-up mounting
    • optional minimum and maximum displacement adjustments
    • optional case-to-inlet check valve to extend shaft seal life
    • easy to service


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